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Bullet  Session Charts & Calendars

Updated frequently, our legislative calendars are an indispensable resource for state session dates and deadlines.

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Reliable Resources for Government Affairs
Day-by-day and chamber-by-chamber, experts monitor the states and provide updates to our clients in highly effective calendar and reference tools. Not just searchable resources, critical information is also 'pushed' to clients via e-mail alerts that provide timely notice of hearing schedules and status changes. From quick links between legislator biographies and the bills they sponsor, to mail-merge ready files, our tools help you to be more effective everyday.
Bullet  Weekly Political and Issue News: State Net Capitol Journal

State Net's editorial staff provides an overview of issues, decisions, scandals and politics from all 50 states. Written in a breezy yet informative style, State Net Capitol Journal features sections on Hot Issues, Budgets, Governors, Legislatures, and Elections - to name but a few. Each edition features a map or chart showing how the 50 states compare on specific issues, as well as in-depth coverage of important trends. When you are pressed for time, Capitol Journal delivers an intelligent overview of the states.

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Bullet  Roster and Government Guide

CA Roster and Government Guide: The best-selling guide to California Government. This is a must-have resource listing all the information you need about California elected and top-appointed officials - addresses, phone and fax numbers, email, session calendars and much more. It's an absolute necessity for anyone connected to the state's political system.

State Net has decided to publish the CA Roster & Government Guide in Election years starting with 2011. Visit the Roster & Government Guide Update Page frequently for changes within the Government. PLEASE NOTE: The 2009 Roster is still available for purchase. Order yours today!

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Quick access to reference information and issue news from the experts on state legislation and regulations.

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